GnuPG Encryption

I’ve found a page which provides a brief summary of gpg commands. I think some mainland users will find it useful. I hope that I can use these commands soon.

$ gpg -k
$ gpg -K

However, there are some people who find reading simplified Chinese characters hard. I think finding another guide written in Traditional Chinese is much harder than using whatever tool to convert the simplified Chinese characters to the Traditional ones. (e.g. Google Translate)

I’ve read Prof. Hung’s recent article on data encryption. This article contains many links to other web pages. One of them is his article on GnuPG. In the first item of the reference list in the sixth section of his article, there’s a hyperlink of a GnuPG Gentoo user guide written in Traditional Chinese. This guide requires reader to read chapter 6 first, or to read chapter 2 of the GnuPG Handbook. Unluckily, the link is broken. Here’s the correct URL:

I think this guide is more useful to users of Mozilla Thunderbird, and maybe TrueCrypt can get file encryption done much faster.

As an Engineering student, he/she needs to get things work.
As NOT being an IT student, he/she needs to get "computer stuff" works much simpler.

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